Monday, June 18, 2012

June/July 2012 Tour Starts Thursday, June 28

Hey tricks! It's been a while since our last update. But...for any of you reading this, here are the dates for our tour which begins next Thursday, June 28:

June 28: Indianapolis, IN @ White Rabbit Cabaret w/ Dead Man's Switch, Skyhunter
June 30: Chicago, IL @ Helium (PRF BBQ 2012)
July 2: Rockford, IL @ TBA (last minute show in the works)
July 3: Madison, WI @ Dragonfly Lounge w/ The United Sons of Toil, the Book Burners
July 4: Dubuque, IA @ Off Minor w/ Legal Fingers, Winterbeard
July 5: Lincoln, NE @ Duffy's Tavern w/ Ideal Cleaners, Laughing Falcon
July 7: Denver, CO @ Wax Trax (3pm in-store performance) w/ Crazier Horse
July 7: Denver, CO @ Larimer Lounge w/ Crazier Horse
July 10: Austin, TX @ Trailer Space (5pm in-store performance)
July 10: Austin, TX @ Beerland w/ Half Mile Fox Fur
July 11: Denton, TX @ Andy's Bar w/ Bad Design
July 12: Dallas, TX @ The Doublewide w/ Nervous Curtains, Descender
July 13: Memphis, TN @ Hi-Tone Cafe w/ The Heavy Eyes, These Wolves Are Robots, Iron Tongue
July 14: Nashville, TN @ Springwater Supper Club w/ The Goldroom, Old Coldbloods

Please help spread the word, and we hope to see your faces soon.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

New members, upcoming tours, etc.

Hello cyberspace. First things first, join us in welcoming Robby Scott (formerly of Cougar Express, Your Highness, Christiansen, By the Grace of God, and a ton of other bands) to the Trophy Wives family. Robby, or Bob, played his first show with us a couple of weeks back and those songs have never sounded better. Additionally, Eric McManus, who you may have seen filling in on drums for us on our previous East Coast tours, has been promoted from auxiliary drummer to third guitarist. He is still drumming for us as we write for the second LP, as Geoff is still residing in Chicago and can't be around most of the time, so....all drummer jokes at his expense are still valid and encouraged.

 This new five-piece lineup will be making its public debut June 23 here in Louisville, and on the tour which follows. Here are the details as they stand currently, though keep in mind this is being updated daily:

6/28: Indianapolis, IN @ White Rabbit Cabaret w/ Dead Man's Switch, Skyhunter
6/29: Lafayette, IN @ TBA
6/30: Chicago, IL @ PRF BBQ 2012 w/ Tar, Dis-, Fake Limbs, Nonagon, Washerwoman, more. *
7/3: Madison, WI @ Dragonfly Lounge w/ The United Sons of Toil *
7/4: Dubuque, IA @ OFF Minor w/ TBA
7/5: Lincoln, NE @ TBA
7/7: Denver, CO (early in-store performance) @ Wax Trax w/ Crazier Horse *
7/7: Denver, CO @ Lion's Lair w/ The Uncertain Sea *
7/8: Santa Fe, NM @ TBA
7/10: Austin, TX @ TBA w/ The Gary *
7/11: Denton, TX @ Rubber Gloves w/ TBA
7/12: Dallas, TX @ TBA w/ Nervous Curtains *
7/13: Memphis, TN @ Hi-Tone Cafe w/ The Dirty Streets, Iron Tongue
7/14: Nashville, TN @ Springwater Supper Club w/ TBA

After that we will be doing a very brief jaunt to the southeastern U.S., hitting up a few choice spots in Georgia and Tennessee. Right now, this is all we have, but there will be a couple more added shortly:

8/24: Atlanta, GA @ TBA w/ Hawks
8/25: Athens, GA @ TBA w/ Vincas


Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Hello from Trophy Wives to you...

Just updating this here thing with...uh, a few updates, if you will.

First and foremost, it gives us no pleasure whatsoever to formally announce that Elliott Turton, bro extraordinaire, conossieur of snacks, guitarist extreme, and all around hilarious guy is no longer a member of Trophy Wives. We wish him all the best with his forthcoming baby, which has a street date of June 2012, and with all of his other endeavors, including WAXEATER, for whom he still plays the aluminum bass.

Secondly, we wish to announce that recording for our second LP is currently underway. All of the drums and bass have been laid the fuck down, and it sounds incredible as expected. Tom Curtis, who produced and engineered Old Scratch, is once again at the helm. It will be released in the latter part of 2012 on Latest Flame Records. The title is still up in the air at this time. We'd really, really fucking love to call it When You Ride With the Devil..., but our attorney advised us that POLICE TEETH holds all rights to the term "devil," and that serious and merciless legal action could ensue should we ignore his warning.

Thirdly, the Wives will be making our maiden voyage to SXSW this March. We will be playing a couple of shows on the way. In fact, here are all of our upcoming shows, some of which are with our ultra fine labelmates Police Teeth (see you in court) and VICTORY AND ASSOCIATES:

February 27: Louisville, KY @ Baxter's 
March 2: Louisville, KY @ Louisville Science Center 
March 13: Memphis, TN @ The Hi-Tone w/ Old Coldbloods, TBA 
March 15: Denton, TX @ Rubber Gloves w/ Victory and Associates, Terminator 2 
March 16: Austin, TX @ Sidebar (Latest Flame SXSW showcase) w/ Victory and Associates, Nervous Curtains, the Blind Shake, System and Station 
March 31: Louisville, KY @ Mag Bar w/ Police Teeth, WNBA 
April 1: Indianapolis, IN @ Vibes Music w/ Police Teeth, Male Bondage 

Well, that's all for now. Thanks for everything. See you in 2012....


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Record is available, tour has commenced...

Hello. Our August tour in support of our brand new album, Old Scratch, is officially underway. We have a few off days in Philadelphia to chill, but we're back at it starting this Thursday.

8/18: Brooklyn, NY @ St. Vitus w/ Risk/Reward, Metal Feathers, Bad Dream
8/19: Brooklyn, NY @ Union Pool w/ Methodist, Season Finale
8/20: Philadelphia, PA @ The Fire w/ Technician
8/21: Baltimore, MD @ Ottobar w/ Bad Biology
8/22: Washington, D.C. @ Velvet Lounge w/ Phonic Riot, Dark Sea Dream
8/24: Wilmington, NC @ Soapbox Laundro Lounge w/ Blacks, HIV
8/25: Athens, GA @ Little Kings Shuffle Club w/ Chrissakes!, the Vincas
8/26: Nashville, TN @ Green Womb w/ Modernhell, Cannomen
8/27: Cincinnati, OH @ Mayday Northside w/ The Hookers, Jackass
8/28: Bloomington, IN @ The Bishop w/ Waxeater

Old Scratch is officially released today as well from Latest Flame Records. You can order it at

Monday, March 14, 2011

Thanks to our friends in Heartbeater (check them out: for showing us a good time in Nashville last night. And big thanks to our drunken Louisville friends for another wild, fun show at Cahoots the night before. We are now taking a 2 1/2 month break from playing any local shows to focus on writing some new stuff, repairing the van, and getting our proverbial shit together. With that being said, our next Louisville show is going to be a good one. Our friends and personal favorites We Are Hex ( are coming through town on May 28. If you caught them back in November opening for us at Mag Bar, you know what an amazing band they are. If you missed out on that show, this is your chance to catch them again. Since their last appearance here, they have recorded a 7" with Jack White (yes, THAT Jack White) for his Third Man Records label. Catch them now, for the low low admission price of $5. Tickets are on sale at Ear X-Tacy, Headliners, and at

Thursday, March 10, 2011

The folks over at The Obelisk had some kind words to say about our split 7" with the Glasspack. You can check it out for yourselves here:

In other news, Geoff will not be playing drums with us on the upcoming tour. Aaron Sortman of the most excellent Zombie Chickens From Outer Space ( will be sitting in for the Nashville show on March 13 at the 5 Spot. Eric McManus, who was our original drummer and has played with Lords in recent years, will be filling the vacancy for our seven-date East Coast jaunt March 23-29, which includes shows in Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, New York, Baltimore, D.C., and Hampton VA. We are so stoked to have him on board for this brief tour that we wrote a brand new fucking song to commemorate the occasion!

Lots of shows in the pipeline. Stay tuned.....

Sunday, February 27, 2011

New song posted

We just uploaded a new song from Old Scratch to our Bandcamp page. The song is titled "Let Us Roll," and it features our good friend and sometime collaborator Stephen George on vocals and guitar. Go check it out!